ABC'S of africa by blake cook

A is for Africa

Africa is the second largest continent in the word. it was once a part of a giant subcontinent called Pangaea

B is for Britian

Britain helped colonize Africa Britain spread to Africa to make islands and helped create civilizations.

C IS FOR Camel

Camels were used to carry trading goods from one place to another. They could survive the desserts harsh climates by storing water in their humps.

D is for desert

the desert protects their country of Africa. It helps the Africans trade with other countries.

E is for Ethiopians

They speak over 80 languages in their country. They have their own alphabet

F is for France

France helped colonize Africa by trading. They also had spread french interests in Africa.

G is for Ghana Empire

The Ghana empire had the first great empire in Africa. Ghana was protected by different clans.

H is for HIV

91% of HIV children live in Africa today. Also 69% of African HIV people live in the sub Sahara

i is for islam

People celebrate Islam in Africa today. they took over Ancient Africa.

J is for Johannesburg

it is the largest city. it is one of 50 largest cities in the world.

K is for Kilimanjaro

mount Kilimanjaro helps protect the Africans. It is the 4 most prominent peak in the world

L is for lavender

lavender has 47 spices of flowers. it is used in ancient Africa.

M is for mali empire

it had taken over the Ghana empire. Mali had a strong army.

N is for Niger river

the river is their main source of water. it brings a lot of crop growth.

O is for oil

it is important to the people of Africa by helping them build fires.Another one is that it gives them resources

P is for Pharoah

t ruled over the kingdoms and empires. they would have rituals to celebrate the dead pharoahs

q is for qu'ran

Islamic term referring to the Jews , Christians and Sabin's-possessiveness.who posses monotheistic scriptures.

r is for rwanda

created 2 million refugees.It caused a full blown humanitarian crisis

s is for salt

it preserved their food. and made them rich

t is for tim buck two

it is still a Islamic worship place. it was once controlled by Islam

u is for ueu

created in the aftermath of the second world war. the idea of countries trade with one another become economically interdependent to avoid conflicts

v is for Victoria Falls

it is the water fall in South Africa on the Zambezi River. it has been discovered as on of the seven natural wonders of the world

w is for weapons

it helped the hunt and fight battles. it was made from irons and other metals

x is for xhose

the four major ethnic division among south Africans.. it is two thirds of Africans black population

y is for yakka

that it is a common name for a grass tree . it is also a drink

z is for zulu

they have a christian religion. they speak 11 languages


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