The Most Common of Magic Rachael Cousins

This poem had taken me awhile longer to figure out exactly what Bronwen Wallace was saying in her poem "Common Magic". What I found that stood out to me was the message that even though we watch the world intently trying to tie it down to figure it out, the world will still continue to move. Jobs and natural progression of fruit will still rule the day as we sit and try to read every little bit into it.

I am the queen of overthinking behaviours of those around me and events that I find myself in. I analyze everything in my life and don't notice the fact staring me right in the face. If I am worried about everything going on around me that in all honesty does not even matter to me, then how am I ever going to find time to enjoy myself? As I'm writing this, I hear trucks running outside and can't help but pay attention to the fact that though I am sitting in a quiet room writing this journal, that their lives are still moving.

Not all stands still because we try to capture it in every detail, and that is the most common sort of magic I can imagine.

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