Quaran-teenagers Boredom hits its peak as we all now become quaran-teenagers. Without school, sports, and friends it seems as though there is nothing else to do. But with school closure extended until the end of the school year, we all must find something to occupy our new lives.

Grab a coloring book, water colors, or even just a pencil and embrace your inner artist.
Quarantine is the perfect time to pick up a new instrument, craft, or hobby that you haven’t had time for in the past. Take time to watch youtube tutorials or read articles on the skill you want to pursue and when it is safe to see friends, show off your new talent.
With the new social distancing guidelines, we all have ample time to spend with our siblings, parents, and pets. Use this quality time to become closer with your family.
Baking and cooking is also another way to keep oneself busy. Try out some new recipes and have your immediate family review your dish.
With all of our additional free time, binge watch any television series or movies that you have wanted to watch or rewatch.
Although we can’t see them in real life, connect with your friends virtually. Use group video chatting apps to stay in touch or play online card and board games with them such as UNO.
Enjoy the sunny weather by reading, listening to music, or even doing homework outside.
Even though all spring sports have been cancelled, make time to work out. By going for a run, walk, or even yoga in your backyard you can stay healthy.


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