The Renaissance was a time where the ideas of Rome and Greece were revived and arts and science were once more present in society. The result was an age of invention. Continue to rediscover the age of innovation and a time when people dared to dream.

The blog is a record of the progress we've made from day to day. Check it out to see the course this project has taken from day one to faire day.

The topic blogs have been written by each Owen, Ben, and Tomàs to cover different subjects of Renaissance inventions.

Ben Hardcastle
Owen Brigham
Tomás Brockett Delgado

Our booth has not one, but three whole creative pieces. A lego replica of the giant crossbow, a foam and paint model of the universe as accordingly the great minds of the renaissance, and a cardboard replica of the renaissance helicopter. These blogs tell the process behind the creation of each of these pieces.

After much work on everything else, the group set out to create a video advertisement for our booth. The resulting video was that of which can only be described with this simple phrase, " its a real knee slapper."

This slide show is one that depicts the process of making our grand Crostini. We recommend you check out both the slides and the delicious Crostini.

Created By
Owen Brigham


Created with images by makunin - "candles candlestick book"

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