Modern Physics By: Kailyn Schueller

Four Fundamental Forces: They are four fundamental forces in physics. Gravitational, electromagnetic, weak nuclear force, and last but not least strong nuclear force.

Gravitational force was the first force to be understood scientifically. Due to gravitational force the fabric of space can bend and stretch and each object that is attracted to the sun in this galaxy has indentures as an example. If the sun was to disappear the fabric of space in which the sun sits upon would bounce back up and create ripples that would move the earth and other planets out of their orbit once the wave traveled to them.

General Relativity: The ripple that the sun disappearing would cause would travel at the speed of light. There is nothing in the universe that can travel faster than the speed of light. General relativity helps us understand things that are very large. For example, general relativity helps us understand stars and galaxies.

Quantum Mechanics: It helps us understand the world on very small scales.

String theory: it's the theory that could explain everything in the universe. Big or small. In this theory, quantum mechanics and general relativity work together. But it still has yet to be solved. Many problems arise when solving string theory. For example there needs to be a massless particle that could move at the speed of light that can travel to the other dimensions that we are unable to see. That particle is called a graviton

Unification: it is the theory of everything. Everything is to be understood.


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