Politics, a dirty game? By: Braiden Weis

"We have recently done a class poll on the subject Politics, a dirty game; and our resounding results come out with a 16-0 count. I guess that show you how we feel about the press.

But why do we support this? Lets look at three key terms.

1. Where does our money go, and do we truly know where it goes? Well this is a great example for how it is not only spent but also shows the multi candidate sometimes cost.

But Can they really help the problems other have created? We see this as a debatable opinion but I see the situation as the same of Winston Churchill.

3. What makes politics a dirty game?

"But there no concept that actually describes politics as a dirty game, but more the less does not have to be as dirty as it is", according to George Papanders. But it is also thought that politics around the world has very oftennly been captured by big interests.

We have recently done a poll in my home room class; so lets se what they think about it.

This shows a resounding 16 to 1 with 16 agreeing.

Now ask your fellow peers on how they feel and ask others related to the political subject.

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