THE ROAD A photography project

John Hillcoat's the road is an incredibly dark and depressing film full of murder, illness, cannibalism, starvation and Viggo Mortensen but the imagery of this film truly drives it as there are a lot moments where no dialog is spoken and it relies on visual elements to tell the story which is why I was drawn to it for this project. for all of these pictures I used my I phone 5s due to its on the spot filter abilities

For this picture I decided to use a similar location and colour pallet to that of the scene from the road pictured below. I attempted to mimic the framing most of all as one of the main themes of the road is the isolation of the father and son and this scene in particular captures that perfectly. Due to the father and son being represented as almost silhouettes against an almost entirely white background outlining their physical loneliness. I feel like I was successful I mimicking this in my picture and also my use of a filter in the editing process allowed me to mute the colours and give it the dull and drab tone that the road also has. overall I would say that this is my favourite image that I captured as I feel like I achieved everything I set out to do.
for this I elected to use similar imagery to convey the theme rather than framing as the dead leaves and barren trees are rather similar to the ones in the picture of the road below which conveys the very prominent theme of death. I enjoy the colours I managed to convey in thus picture however I feel like even with them slightly muted it is still far too colourful
in this photograph I mainly used similar lighting to one particular scene in the road. this type of lighting is quite reminiscent of that in horror films which the road does have elements of. the dark areas create quite a foreboding atmosphere and I believe that even though the main focus is the candle which is extremely bright the darkness still overwhelms it and the atmosphere remains intact
I used black and white as my technique for this particular image as it creates a dread like atmosphere due to the dark tones and the distortion created by the water also adds to the uneasiness simply because it makes it look unnatural. all of these relate back to the road so I feel I was successful. my main gripe with this photograph however is that I wish I took it landscape at the time as it looks less appealing to me in portrait form as it appears far too elongated

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