What is in The Constitution of the united states of america

Article I (one)

The legislative branch (one of three) has two parts. The House of Representatives and the Senate

The House of Representatives is changed every two years and everyone has to be at least twenty-five years old. The House is population based.

The Senate consists of two senators from each state. Their terms last six years. They have to be at least thirty years old.

Each house is in charge of keeping itself in check.

The houses need to keep records

Members of both houses get paid.

You cannot hold any other office in the government if you are going to be or are in the legislative branch of federal government.

The federal (legislative) government has the power to collect taxes, borrow money on the account of the United States, print money, make post offices, declare war, provide and maintain a navy, treaties, alliances, grant titles of nobility.

Article II (two)

The executive branch is led by a president. They have a four year term. Oaths in to become president
The president is the Commander in Chief over the Army and Navy of the United States of America

Section III (three)

The Judicial branch (supreme court) chooses ambassadors, and impeached the president.
They only overlook crimes against the country such as treason. They also can create new states.


The freedom of speech, religion, assembly, and press
The right to bear arms
No quartering of soldiers without consent of the owner
No entering or seizing property without consent from owner or warrant
Grand jury, cannot be put on trial twice for the same crime, no self-incrimination
Speedy and public trial, trial in state, have a lawyer, and choose witnesses
Judged by Jury
No cruel or unusual punishments
Rights not belonging to states or federal government belong to the people
States of certain rights that don't belong to federal government
Defined rules about suing states or suing from one state to another
Defines the way (electoral college) votes for a President and Vice President
Slavery was obolished in the United States of America
Defined citizenship
Every race can vote
Federal government has the right to take income taxes
Senators are chosen by popular vote
The selling, importing, and making of intoxicating alchohol was prohibited in the United States of America
Allowed women to vote
Presidential terms
Repealed 18th amendment allowing alcohol again
Limited presidents to only be able to serve two terms
Washington DC was allowed electoral votes
Abolition of taxes to vote
Describes rules when President is vacant and what happens
Set the legal voting age to 18
Changed paychecks of government officials do not change until the next election


The constitution is a very meaningful document. To me it reminds me of how hard people fight for what they know is right. It also reminds me of how long it took for people to earn freedom. It is well thought out because the people fought so hard to get a free country and wanted to keep it that way.


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