Portraits of Musicians Watercolor art by Jamie Hansen

My current portrait series is about musicians’ experiences during COVID. Join me for my show, opening September 10, 2021 at the Anderson Arts Center.

Here are a few of the pieces that will be on display.

This is Richard: 10" x 20" watercolor on panel

Painted from a 2019 photo of Richard singing in the opera Il Tabarro as the character Michele with Angels Vocal Arts. Richard was performing in the opera Sweet Land when their run was cut short due to COVID.

This is Amelia, 12" x 36" watercolor on paper mounted to a panel.

This piece was done from a photo was taken in the Fall of 2019 near her school as she was enjoying the nice weather and practicing outdoors after a recording session with her accompanist. Although Amelia is just nine years old, sharing music with other artists, audiences, and the wider community is a big part of her life, and the current situation has completely changed her creative process and relationship with the instrument.

This is Sincere, 15" x 30" watercolor on panel

Before COVID, Sincere was performing at least 3 times a week outside of school. That suddenly came to a halt in what seemed like a day when every phone call that he received was for event cancellations. Not being able to have as many in-person gatherings lead him to focus most of his work online between school performances, recording for other artists and performing concerts for events.

This is Kara, 24" x 18" watercolor on panel.

Kara is a bassist and performs with the classical jazz trio Les Non Triolets. She says: "I thought I was practicing a lot and making progress and doing well this whole time in isolation. Then I had that first rehearsal back and....đŸ˜¬"

What's your story?

I am married to a musician and I saw firsthand how deeply the musicians around me were impacted through the current health crisis. I felt drawn to respond through my own work: re-framing their stage through my art. I also sense I’m documenting a lasting pivot in the ways we distribute and consume art and music. I hope that you'll join me for my show, opening September 10, 2021 in Anderson, SC.

I'll mail you a free print of your portrait if I use your image and story.

Created By
Jamie Hansen