The Tree Man Disease

There has been another case of the Tree Man disease found in Cambodia this year. A young girl has recently been found with the same condition as the man who lived in Bangladesh. How this disease is formed begins with bacteria cells underneath the skin growing at such a rapid rate forms a small lump. By doing this the disease forms a wart, rather than ending its development. The wart grows and mutates excessivley at such a fast pace that it then begins to resemble tree bark.

The Tree-Man Syndrome is a very genetic skin disorder which is affiliated with carcinoma. Abel Bajandar, a father who was born in Indonesia was nicknamed " Tree Man " after undergoing 16 surgeries. He still couldn't get rid of these wart that has consumed him since young age. Abel first began to show symptoms at the age of 16. His brother would attempt to cut off the wart which only led to two or more warts taking it's place on his back. The skin care condition continued to grow variously all other Bajandar's body.

His hands aren't even considered as hands, they have been consumed and redesigned to now resemble the bark of a tree. His hands are almost the size of a horse's hoof. The father has an extremely hard time providing for his family because he can't help cook, harvest, work, or even bathe himself. Members of his family have to help bathe him with rags and a water hose because his feet enable him to walk and to fit inside the bathtub. Bajandar has to walk at an extremely slow pace or have one of his brother carry him around on back. Ever since he was a young child he has been super self conscious about this huge insecurity.

Abul even has a special tailor that makes clothes for him. That allow him to wear clothes that can actually fit around all the limbs of warts. With time cutting short the family uses the money the father has earned by working in a circus. He is part of the odd and unusual segment. Where he and 5 other people who also have a rare skin condition are shown off to the public. This is how he is able to provide for his family and his surgery that will be lead by a doctor who has flown in from the US. The executive doctor is a specialist in skin diseases, he begins with removing 4 samples of Abul's warts that he will send in for processing. The warts have grown to such a large extent that he can't lay down very well. In most cases its uncomfortable. The American finally got instruction on how to cure this rare disease and thankfully helped remove the warts off of Abul's body to return to the life he has always wanted to live.

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