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Freedom Film Festival offers international distribution & exposure for your award winning & selected media. Freefest offers many opportunities for your best media, especially films, music, screenplays, and other professional media; to gain national and international listing & acclaim. Freefest is sponsored & partners in part by & with: Adobe, U.S. Military, Plasq / Comic Life 3, Plotagon, Nick Felice Productions, Bizgig Media, & additional sponsors to bring the very best entertainment & highest quality media for its huge audience & fanbase. Our filmmakers & media creators are Number One in greatest values & recognized production, development, formulated screenplays, photography, series, & more, in every genre of film including; horror, classic, thriller, action, drama, romance, comedy, satire, snuff, documentary, short, feature, & more.

Enter & submit your media today at Or, for faster entry, go to our fest entry page shown at Film Freeway:


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