Clonmacnoise facts

1. Clonmacnoise was built by St Ciarán 544 bc.

2. Clonmacnoise was one of the biggest Monasteries.

3. Clonmacnoise was located in between two very important paths the River Shannon and An Slí Mór.

4. By the eighth centuary , Clonmacnoise had become a large medieval town.

5. They built a wooden bridge to get a across and it was the first ever bridge to be built over the river

6. As the years past passed, the wooden buildings were replaced by stone ones.

7. There were 17 churches in the 8th century but now theres only 6.

8. The monastery was attacked by vikings 8 times.

9.The monks rebuilt the monastery each time.

10. The monks could hide in the towers by pulling up the ladder until the attack was over.

11. Some monks that lived in Clonmacnoise made very beautiful sculpters and art.

12. Clonmacnoise was a center for master craftmanship.

13. There are 2 towers in Clonmacnoise.

14. The distance between Athlone and Clonmacnoise is 11km The road distance is 22.7km

15. Clonmacnoise is in Co.Offaly.

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