Let's PARTY! with Google sheets

Use Google Sheets to plan a party. Your budget is $150. Follow the steps below to create a spreadsheet that helps you stay within budget.

Merge cells and add a title. Hold down the left mouse until line 1 of columns A - G is highlighted. Then, click the merge tool (inside of red circle above)
On line 2, type in columns A - F going across: Item, Store, Quantity, Price Per Item, Total, Remaining.
Having fun yet?
Let's do our first party essential. You WILL need plates. You can get them at Wal-Mart. Under quantity, put how many packages of plates you need. Under price per item, put how much each package will cost. Under total... wait, what!? Math!!!??? Don't do it, read the next step for instructions to get Google Sheets to do the math for you.
Skip that math...
We want to multiply quantity times price per item, and have the amount show in cell E3. Here's how you do it! Click inside cell E3. Then, in the Fx (formula) bar, type an = sign. Then, click inside cell C3. Now type an asterisk (this means multiply) in the formula bar. Now, click inside cell D3. Hit return. Voila!

Let's not start spending all our money too fast. Let's add another formula to our Sheet that will calculate the remainder every time we add an item.

This step is kind of like the last one. Now we want to subtract the total of the item from our $150. So, the formula inside the Fx bar should read =150- E3. You need to type in the =150-, then you can click inside E3. Hit return, and voila!
It's that easy? No, not really. There's more. Keep working.
Click inside your total box. See that little blue square? If you put your mouse on the square your cursor will change into a big ole' plus sign. Hold down the left mouse and drag down down down the column until about row 30. This will copy the formula to all the cells in column E. So now, every time you put a price per item and total, it will always multiply them together. Yay!
But what about the remainder column? Can I drag that formula down too? Nooooooo!

Why not? Because we don't always want to subtract from 150. That's why. Do the next step instead.

Click inside F4. Type = in the Fx bar. Click F3. Type a minus sign. Click E4. Hit return voila! You just subtracted the amount you just spent from what you had left after your first item.

Now, drag the formula down from F4 like you did for the total column.

You did it! Blow out the candles and let's eat the cake!


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