Looking Forward to 2018 and Beyond Danny Benites | CCO, dealerhealth™

With an impending new vehicle downturn, getting your dealership lean will become as important as getting your dealership leads.

Automation will keep winning. As we lean up, dealership operators will be wearing more hats and will rely more on ‘Tap on the Shoulder’ technology in the form of mobile alerts and notifications.

As the 'Data Deluge' reaches ridiculous levels, dealers will insist on digestible data with limited, breathable real-world KPIs.

Dealers will continue to demand to work with vendors that speak their language and can relate to their individual situations with real-world, in-dealership experience.

There will be only one way for businesses to post on their Facebook page….pay for it.

Assigning attribution weight will be a hot debate. Companies will do their best to convince that they have the best way to formulate attribution. They will all claim victory. Last click will finally become an 8-track tape.

Thanks to intelligent and predictive search technology, dealers will gain organic search ground on CarGurus and Cars.com and invade page one.

The hot girls at the search party are named Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. I predict that the latter will get a sexy name soon. Who has time to type, anyway?

Expect an enhanced effort by dealership service departments to finally take an organic search stand against national repair companies like Jiffy Lube, Firestone, Midas and others that are currently kicking their asses.

Widgets..check. Data..enough already. Our industry will continue to create and improve products and services to find, hire, onboard, and retain quality personnel to utilize the gadgets that dealerships asked to buy.

Going forward, HR will the hot space.

Rural dealers will quietly take power and become bigger targets for large dealer groups. Less competition, better margins, less overhead, and less susceptible to big city transportation alternatives.

Vendors that are exploiting holes in Facebook and Google will face challenges from…..well, Facebook and Google. This business is too big for them not to notice. (Any doubts, just Google "Eggs/Basket")

There are 2 billion Facebook users and it seems like half of them are self-professed, hyper-niched Guru Sales Trainers. This year the herd will thin. Full dealership, bottom line, net profit-based dealership collaborators will be more in demand.

-DANNY BENITES | CCO, DealerHealth™

DANNY BENITES | danny.benites@gmail.com | 806.433.4424 | www.dealerhealth.com
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