Online Reputation Take care of your image

ONLINE REPUTATION!!! It's one of the most important things in your life, why? Because is how people will see how your personality is, by that means that anything that you post people will see it and even if you delete it, it stays online forever no matter what.

Because of that, you, we, and everyone needs and has to be careful to prevent anything that you think will have a bad consequence in the future. Think Before You Post ANYTHING, we might not think its bad but everyone will find something that its offensive to them personally.

When you apply for a job or have a interview, you'll always have to make sure that your record is clean and out of anything bad they might see so you can have a higher opportunity to get hire in any job. remember, anything you posted in the past or in the future, it will be saved in a file forever.

YOU are the future and we have to come all together to have better future, that's why we have to think before we post anything in any kind of social media out there, for example, cyber bullying is really important and one of the most common issues for teens now a days.

How do we solve this problem. well of course we cant get rid of it completely but we can have less of it by all coming together and realizing that everyone is different, we need to respect others opinions and believes, no matter how wrong you think they might be, its better to stay quiet and not offend anybody.


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