Skeletal/muscular system Austin giinthir

Skeletal system muscular


The bones give your body structure. Are made of bones are 4 layers: thick outer membrane, smooth and hard layer, spongey bone, and bone marrow.


Tendons keep you together and it is made of little tissue that keeps your bones together.


Can do everything from Pump out blood and carry things. Did you no you have 500 more than muscles in your body. Muscles are thousands of small fibers that make each muscles. Smooth muscles squeeze and relax to help organs work, skeletal muscles give you strength and movement.

To care and protect your mucsules you can drink water milk and other dairy products.


Are tough that is tissue that keeps your bones together and they will protect your bones from scratching.

To care and protect you can not pull on bones.


Is between bones it helps you smell and hear and exercise to keep healthy drink water and milk.

Cartilage is small but it provides your bones from rubbing together.


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