March 2021 Pamper Squad shout outs and March info 2021

Mad props to those who promoted, pushed and succeeded in Feb 2021. You can see ALL the shout outs HERE. Proud of ALL you accomplished last month! Now, let's ALL get ready to earn prizes/products and a trip to Jamaica! We have already had 35 earners! Way to REPRESENT Pamper Squad!

Need to know what's happening at Posh this month? Here is the NEWSROOM POST (must be logged in.) I think the thing I am the most excited about is continuing to share all the fun new body products we have! Plus, we have an amazing lineup of Feature of the Week Items. If you are not using these- well, just use them. Seriously, they are the bomb! Want to see the Feature of the Week items and ideas on how/when to sample them? Check out my BLOG POST!

Let's welcome auto-ship! This is a great way to get your products for less and to reach out to your customers! I'm focusing on people who order Very Sleepy Gummies & skin care people! They will get an email 1 week before and can adjust whatever their order will be every month or every-other. month or every 3 months. This is a great opportunity to build in some volume!

As part of my goals for our team this year, please make sure you have Posh Bosses and Pamper Squad pages marked "see first." Posh literally has trainings for you at least 3 times per week! Did you know that?? Let's all focus on participating! Here is what you can expect this month!

As a last thought, I am ALWAYS here to have a one-on-one chat with you about what to do next in your business! I frequently post videos on YouTube. Or, take that 1st step and message me on Facebook, or email me. It is literally my job to take care of you guys! Reach out.

LOVES! Shanae- poshbyshanae@gmail.com


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