January 2021

Nobody in their right mind will say that 2020 was an easy year. I'm not going to lie, it made it difficult for me to welcome the new year with open arms. When I started my work-year on Monday and dove into all we accomplished in 2020, it brought a smileto my face. If we can all do what we did in 2020, IMAGINE what we can do in 2021. Feel proud! We surthrived.

As for the new year, I have a theme for my business... "Stretched, not stressed" I hope you all will join me in pushing yourselves and finding ways to work smarter and harder!

Mad props to those who promoted, pushed and succeeded in Dec 2020. You can see ALL the shout outs HERE. Proud of ALL you accomplished last month! Now, lets ALL get ready to earn prizes/products and a trip to Jamaica!

If you have not made a plan yet for what you want to accomplish with this incentive, IT. IS. JUST. STARTING... so, make a plan!! Need help? Contact me!

And... that goes RIGHT into our January incentive! Remember, you have to be on my TEAM PAGE to be eligible to win!

Need to know what's happening at Posh this month? Here is the NEWSROOM POST  (must be logged in.) I think the thing I am the most excited about is the fierce choice of amazing skincare in this month's FOTW items! If you are not using these- well, just use them. Seriously, they are the bomb! Plus, we have this AMAZING retired product sale to share over the next couple days!!

As part of my goals for our team this year, please make sure you have Posh Bosses and Pamper Squad pages marked "see first." Posh literally has trainings for you at least 3 times per week! Did you know that?? Let's all focus on participating! Here is what you can expect this month!

As a last thought, I am ALWAYS here to have a one-on-one chat with you about what to do next in your business! Take that 1st step and message me on Facebook, or email me. It is literally my job to take care of you guys! Reach out.

LOVES! Shanae- poshbyshanae@gmail.com