Women's rights and stereotypes eTwinning project plan for the INTEF's Open eTwinning (2nd edition)

Unit 5. The eTwinning social networkd > Final P2P challenge > Design an eTwinning project plan

ACTIVITY: In unit 3 you published a project draft, and in Unit 4 a collaborative activity. Now it’s time to use all the feedback received and the inspiring ideas we got from other participants and go one step forward: design an eTwinning project plan

Αuthor teacher: Kondylo Glarou, Greece

"Women's rights and stereotypes" is my eTwinning Project Plan for five Upper Secondary Schools from Greece, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria and Portugal.

Participate 20 students of 17 years old.

Project description

"Women's rights and stereotypes" is an etwinning project about women's role over the centuries. Students will focus on women’s stereotypes which shaped her gender and gender differences. They will make an inquiry on great women of history and women in labor market.


Students will develop Intercultural communication between their European partners and competence skills: collaboration and critical thinking. They will practice foreign languages and develop ICT skills using web 2.0 tools. They will share their findings. They will develop self-confidence and build trust among their partners.


Partners communicate using eTwinning desktop and social media (close group on Facebook, Skype, e-mail) to establish a direct communication between the participating schools.

Shortly after the approval of the project, on line partner teachers’ meeting to organize the timeline and finilize the activities .

The coordinator teachers arrange videoconferences between the partner schools giving pupils the chance to get to know each other, share opinions and practice foreign languages.

Regular online chat sessions on Skype, appear.in or Chat room of TwinSspace.

On line students’ meetings once a month.


Pupils present themselves, their school, their homeland, their hometown.

Students will be divided in five multi-national groups of four students each.

1st group Women in ancient times

Collaborate with your fellow students and search for info in the History books, sociology, civics and in school library about the role of women in ancient times in your country. Look for Women's rights on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Compare the results with your peers. Use TitanPad or Google docs to share notes and ideas. Use Smilebox slideshow for slideshows to present the findings. Personal and peer assessment.

Women from Minoan Crete

2nd group Great women

Collaborate with your fellow students and search for five great women from the past. Discuss and decide how to present their work in the class. Was their life easy? What obstacles did they have to overcome to succeed? Make a collage with important moments of their life. You can dramatize their lives and present a brief period to the other groups. Personal and peer assessment.

Marie Curie

3nd group Women and stereotypes

Make an inquiry on gender stereotypes. Bring a toy of yours or a photo of your toys (for boys' and girls'). Make a list of what a boy is allowed to do while a girl is forbidden. What is not expected by a boy and what by a girl? Investigate among young, middle-aged and elderly people. Interview your grandparents and collect elements of their time. What are the most common gender stereotypes? Collaborate and present your conclusions using genial.ly. Personal and peer assessment.

4nd group Women in the labor market

Do men and women have the same opportunities in llabor market? Are there exclusively male and female jobs? Does your mother work? Make a survey in your family about the occupation of your parents. Create some posters and tips Present their results in the class using Google forms. Personal and peer assessment.

5th group Women in the Media

Gender stereotypes and roles are learned and reinforced through the media. Through the media people are given examples on what it means to identify as either male or female and know what they should do and how they should act. Watch some advertisements on TV. How would you describe the women participating? Create an advertisement and present it to the other groups. Use a mindmap for brainstorming. Use designapp.io to create the advert. logo, Kizoa to create the video and Vimeo to upload the video on the TwinSpace.


All groups collaborate, discuss and decide how to poduce a video or a final presentation and upload it on their school’s web site using Prezi, Powtoon, Thinkling or Animoto.

They will write articles and upload them on the local web press.

Final personal and peer evaluation of the project using Google Forms.

Presentation of the project to school and the local community.

Here is the link of my task in Unit 3 "Gender equality in ancient and modern times" https://coggle.it/diagram/WRTGyAoc6QAB2s8L

Here is the link of my task in Unit 4 “Women In advertisements” https://spark.adobe.com/page/9gfNzon8xktan/

Here is the link of My Learning Diary https://padlet.com/seagullitsa/wfodk35n3jgv

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