411 BOT For tftf

Add the Transformers: Forged to Fight 411 Bot on LINE today!

The 411 Bot is a project made through the cooperation of fellow players to put together relevant, useful and usable information and tools, as requested by players from the community.

The LINE app is the only platform the 411 Bot can be accessed on. Luckily, it is a free to download and free to use chat app!

Once you are on LINE (if not already), you can add the 411 Bot using search by ID under Add Friends.

LINE ID for the 411 Bot:


Once you have the 411 Bot added, send "411" as a message to get a menu of commands and begin exploring to see what the bot has to offer!

Since you are on LINE app now, why not add some fellow players! Add by ID either one below or use the nifty add button and message us for access to the TFTF Community Chat and Recruit Chat to help recruit for your alliance.



The TFTF 411 Bot is constantly being updated and added to.

411 Bot Team:





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