Ten Technology Troubles By: Caterina Servello

Trouble 1: Pop up ads keep on popping up.

If pop up ads keep on randomly showing up on your screen then there are some ways you can exit out. DO NOT PRESS ANY BUTTONS. A way you could exit out of all those unwanted adds is by simply pressing alt f4. If you have too many apps or tabs open that might be the problem.

Problem 2: Computer wont turn on

If you try to press the power button and it wont work then you probably have a loose cord , or your battery ran low so you might need to charge your device. Your monitor might be unplugged keep a watch on all of your cords.

Problem 3: Your computer freezes up

If your computer ever freezes up then that means your system is running out of memory,software could be bad,Overheating may be a problem if your computer has been charging longer then it needs to or you have been been it too long.

Problem 4: Strange noises

If you have been hearing strange noises on your computer it might be because of your fan ,your fan in your computer my be dusty or dying

Problem 5: Overheating computer

If your computer is ever overheating then that must have been on your computer too long or you have been charging your computer longer then your supposed to.Your fan could be dying and also have poor ventilation.

Problem 6: Slow internet

If you have a slow internet then you might have to many tabs open or downloaded too many things all at once, your WiFi could also be slow.

Problem 7: Machine keeps restarting

If your computer keeps restarting without your permission that means that you either have not gotten the latest wave of window updates or you haven't downloaded graphics card, motherboard, and network card drivers are crucial.

problem 8: Web browser won't work

If your web browser isn't working then you should probably check your internet.

Problem 9: Printer wont work

If you ever try to print from your computer that means your printer’s drivers are up-to-date, and that it has enough paper and ink or toner to print. Try turning the printer off and on. Unplug the printer and plug it back in.

Problem 10: Wont install applications

If your applications wont install then you probably don't have enough hard drive space. To make some room in your drive you should delete some folders and other things.

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