Computer Software Engineer By: Tristan Frederick


I have chosen to research a career as a Computer Software Engineer. This career interests me because I like computers and solving problems. And I would deal with both of those a lot as a Computer Software Engineer.

Nature of Work

As a Computer software engineer I would look at programs that someone has made and change it to fit the specific needs of the task I am trying to accomplish.

working conditions

I would work in an office at a desk most of the time. Sometimes I would meet with others to trouble shoot or for other meetings.


Usually nice dress clothes. Not too formal like a suit but not a t-shirt and jeans.

Training and Preparation

I would need a bachelor’s degree but some employees may require a master’s degree. It would be extremely helpful if I had an internship for a software company, as many college students do.


The average earning is around $100,000 per year. It depends on who is hiring you and what they need you for.


Usually as you work you can earn trust and earn more responsibility and more opportunities.

Job Outlook

Computer jobs are growing more rapidly than any other occupation. From 2006 – 2016 employment has grown 38%.

Related Occupation

Some related jobs are Software designers, Web designers and computer programmers.

Accurate or Inaccurate

I think this is an accurate career for me because it is something that I would like to do, it pays well and there are allot of career in the computer software area so if I needed to change I would know a lot of what I need to already

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