Text Set For 2nd grade unit on weather and climate

On the Same Day in March: a Tour of the World's Weather
What Will The Weather Be?
How Do Tornadoes Form? And other Questions Kids Have About Weather
A Walk in the Prairie
Rain Play


The text set is intended for use in a general education classroom at grade level 2. The primary focus of the text set is to develop student knowledge on different weather and the climate that produces said weather. It also develops the ELA anchor standard of engaging in literacy learning through a collaborative and community effort and in an integrated fashion, rather than discrete skills in isolation. This is an important topic to learn as one of the first stepping-stones for earth science. In terms of social development students this age have a good understanding of cause and effect relationships, learning about how weather relates to climate is a topic that dives deeper into those relationships. The objective for this text set is for students to be able to explain the differences between climate and weather and what some of the different types of weather are. Cognitively at this age students are beginning to make predictions and learning about how people can predict the weather is a new and exciting form of predictions for them. This text set has a wide variety of text that includes news articles and music and “broadening the definition of text allows different learning styles and reading abilities to be used optimally to engage the students in reading. The combination of different text types and levels encourages students to read critically and construct knowledge.”(Fernandez 2000).


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