3D Printing By: Mark

This was the picture that inspired me to make my carveing. I got the idea of carving a cubs logo because I'm a huge cubs fan and they recently won the World Series. The story behind it was that I always wanted a cubs logo to put in my room but couldn't seem to find it at the store so i decided to make one! I wanted to show the idea that I'm a huge cubs fan and that I always supported them when they weren't the best team. I searched 2016 World Series and I got even more inspired to make this carving.

I didn't really have to coztimize my logo all I had to do was find a black and white logo that was a jpeg and then work on enhancing positive and negative shapes so my shape wouldn't come out floating. I also had to make the shape of the logo 6*6 so it would fit on the board. I also had to trim off the trademark logo.

This is a picture of my logo in easel what I had to do to prepare my logo for carving was make it 6*6 and trim the trademark off. All I had to do to get my logo in into easel was just drag it in. Like I said the only thing I had to do to modify my logo to get it ready was shrink it to a 6*6 and remove the Trademark . I got lucky that I didn't run into any other problems while carving.

The machine worked fairly fast on making my carving it made the circle perfect. The machine works by the cylinder spinning and carving while the board moved and moved in the shape of the logo so that the cylinder would make th logo. The part that was exciting for me was watching the logo carve. It was an awesome process to watch. Something I learned about carving was that it's a great expierience to personlize something.

My final project turned out perfect the curves were outstanding the only thing that was not perfect was the circles inside the B. Lucky for me there were no mistakes by me that caused my project to come out messed up. My project turned out they way I wanted with no mistakes and perfect. I balanced the negative and positive shapes by making the cubs logo stand out by being white while the outside was blue. I am most proud of the fact it took me 1 time to carve and it came out perfect. Something I could improve on next time would be making my carving on a diffrent material so it can look hand made. The most intersting part of the project was making my changes in easel instead of photoshop it was. What was difficult was being familiar with easel which I was new too, but my final thoughts on the project are that was etremely fun and I would do it again.

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