Thomas Jefferson

I think Jefferson would be interested in all the technology we have today. He was always interested in the technology for his time. He thought that a turning closet was cool, so what would he think of a laptop. He would probably be blown away. Or the fact that we have sent people to the moon now. He would definitely be amazed by all these accomplishments.

Thomas Jefferson probably would not be ok with the way this country is being run. I feel that he would think it's awful that Donald Trump is going to be running our country. Jefferson would have wanted someone who is involved in politics to be running this country. He would want someone who was responsible with everything they do in there life. This way people can trust their lives with that person.

I feel that his greatest accomplishment was writing the Declaration of Independence. This is what created freedom for all people in this country. If he didn't write this we wouldn't have some of the freedoms we have today and that wouldn't be good for some people. For example freedom religion. If people couldn't have that in the U.S. people wouldn't want to live here as much.

I think that Thomas Jefferson enjoyed gardening the most. At Monticello he grew lots of different kinds of fruits and vegetables. His favorite kind of vegetable was peas though. He grew 23 different kinds of peas in his gardens. There were more than 330 crops at Monticello.


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