The Machine Gun By: Ben Rothschild

The machine gun was a massive factor in the success of the later Americans, in winning World War I and World War II and all wars since then.

The first machine gun was called the "Puckle Gun." In 1718, James Puckle created the first machine gun in London. This gun had a revolving cylinder that fed rounds into the gun's chamber. Gun powder was then lit with the flint and steel spinning mechanism.
Later, During WW1, the "Maxim machine gun" and the "Gatling gun" in 1884.
During World War 1 the battle field was outset dominated by the machine gun generally belt-fed, water-cooled, and the same bullet as the rifle.
The machine made a huge impact on America. If the Americans' did not have the machine gun during World war 2 then the Germans would win very quickly. If machine guns were invented earlier then history would be much different than it is because the machine gun is much faster than a rifle.
The machine gun in 1718 made London have the best defense in all of the empires. The machine gun was one of the greatest inventions for war. This technology made defending so much easier for the British. The machine impact the level of technology greatly because it allowed a lot of countries to advance in warfare.
Now, machine guns are hand-held because the machine gun is much lighter. The machine gun now fires much faster than it used to. It is now the most common weapon for the USA army.

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