jordan history My last name DeWitt, originated from European countries. The most popular countries are England, Ireland and Holland. From 1840-1920 the last name DeWitt began to travel from Europe to North America starting at the east coast and slowly spreading across the country. My last name DeWitt is most popular in the states New York, Illinois and Ohio. There are between 183 and 364 people with this last name in those states.. Jordan which is my first name, Is hebrew. I can’t really tell why my mom named me jordan. Something i’ll soon have to asked! Jordan came from the macedonian. At first the name jordan had died out, but lucky for the former basketball star micheal jordan had helped it come back during the 20th century. The name jordan was influence from the Germanic name Jordanes notably by the 6th-century gothic historian. Over the years of the all the people named jordan here in the united states , there are more male named jordan then females.

I remember being in a church in which , i believe it was on a sunday dark cloudy morning. That’s was when , i realize i was at my grandma funural. At that moment all my emotions came out, my heart filled with pain mixed with anger, i couldn’t hear nobody or speak to anyone. It felt like my head was on another world. I remember viewing her casket, as i slowly walked along side my grandad and gripping him tightly crying my eyes out. Seeing my grandma in that casket, was the worst thing i could possibly imagine. Walking with my grandad as i was tightly bearly holding on i saw her one more last time.
I remember the whole day like it was yesterday. It was a rainy dark cloudy day. I remember being one of the last ones leaving the church with my grandad, i think my face been all ashed up, my eyes been swollen red with running bags up under beneath them. It felt like i was crying every two minutes every time i thought about her emotions got stronger and stronger.
Minutes after church services i rode with my grandad and i hop in one of the long black limo that was on their way to the grave site. I remember the ride being so long and quiet , as i was sitting along side next to my grandad all he was saying ‘ everything is going to be alright’ and he kept telling me that grandma was in a better place.
Once we arrive at the grave site service, at first i didn’t want to leave the limo until it took me some time to gather myself, i told myself for me to act right . i had to stay close to my grandad.


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