Scientific Method Experimental Design: Vocabulary

Redi's experiment

What is Redi's Independent Variable? What did Redi change?

The control group is the group that a scientists is comparing his experimental group to. In the case of Redi's experiment the control group is the opened jar. The experimental group are the covered jars. The experimental group is the group the scientist applied the independent variable to or the group that was changed.

The Lids- He changed the lids from jar to jar.

What was Redi's dependent variable? What was he testing for or the expected result?

Where the flies landed and maggots appeared.

What were some of Redi's controlled variables? What did Redi try to keep the same?

The Jar and the meat stayed the same in each jar.

Based on the information you learned today, create a hypothesis using and If... then... statement. Write you statement in the classroom comments in Google Classroom. Have fun!!


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