Holden's Dignosis By: ANna M


Throughout the book The Catcher in the Rye Holden is a very insecure boy who is trying to hold on to his innocents. For a sixteen year old boy he has been through traumatizing events. With the events it put him into a deep hole that turned into impulsive acts and decisions.

Does risky things like spend a lot of money

In the book Holden does have a lot of money when he decides to leave Pencey, but after he leaves, its just about gone. Holden is just a teenager who got kicked out of another school and attempts to take on New York City by himself for a couple of days. While in New York he spent his money on bars, cabs, food, and a prostitute. At the attempt to try to make him happier, money can't by it "Goddam money. It always ends up making you blue as hell"(Salinger 113). Only someone that has bipolar disorder would do that in a big city all by themselves. They are unable to think straight and have manic episodes that occur for a few days. "Do risky things like spend a lot of money"(NIMH). All the things that Holden did, leads to the diagnosis of him having Bipolar Disorder.

Has Trouble Sleeping

Before Holden even left for New York, he had trouble sleeping so he stayed up most of the night, "I didn't sleep too long, because I think it was ten o'clock when I woke up"(Salinger 105). With Holden never being able to fall asleep easily he stays up very late and walks around the city to different places. "Have trouble sleeping, they may sleep too little or too much"(NIMH). In fact it seems like ever since Allie died he could never sleep very well. Holden can never abolish any depressing thoughts of Allie, James, or anything that upsets him easily. That's why he has trouble sleeping at night with his bipolar disorder.


Having all of the traumatizing events that happened in Holden"s life, it affected him greatly. He shows the different symptoms that include doing risky things like spend a lot of money, and have trouble sleeping. Holden showing these symptoms a lot through out the book makes a better case of him having bipolar disorder.

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