Saint Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier was a Jesuit missionary who carried the gospel to India and Japan.

His friend Saint Ignatius of Loyola, who also had an impact on the Reformation, inspired him to become a priest.

St. Francis built 40 churches for the people of Pearl Fishery Coast. He learned to covert people and not their leaders.

He also ministered to the sick. He realized the people of Pearl Fishery Coast had been baptized but never taught their faith so he continued to minister them now.

Saint Ignatius ordered Francis to be a missionary, in the holy land because of the warfare there. In 1541, he left for India. One of the first things he noticed in India was peoples intentions. There was a lot of people there that had fled from Portugal.

The Church can continue to have missionaries and spread the gospel to other countries like Saint Francis Xavier did. We can help those who don't have as many opportunities for faith, by teaching the poor or traveling to hospitals like St. Francis. The church can evangelize to everyone with out actions and our words.

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