Babe Ruth Macklyn Kepley

Birth Date- February 6, 1895

Early Life Influences

In Babes early life influence was mostly Brother Matthias. He was a monk at the school he went to. After Babe meet him his lifed changed. Matthias his was the one who got him into baseball which is now what Ruth is known for. Matthias also changed Babe in so many ways, he was a bad kid when he was younger he drank, chewed tobacco, was very rude, you name it. So his parents sent him to the school where he meet his life influence.


St. Marys inDustrial school for boys


Babe started his baseball career at the age of 19 years old. He started that off by playing with the Boston Red Soxs. Where he lead them to win 3 championships. In 1916 he pitched a record of 13 scoreless innings in a single game, which was not uncommon for someone to pitch and also be a position player. Babe Ruth was the best at doing that. Eventually his career with the Red Soxs was over and was now with the New York Yankees. After he was traded to the New York that's when Babes world would change to the better. First year with the Yankees he hit a whopping 54 homeruns. During that span he won 15 World Series titles. He went on to be the greatest baseball player of all-time.


"Its hard to beat a person who never gives up" - BaBe rUth

Death Date- August 16, 1948

Last Impact on history

Ruth's last time playing on a baseball field was on May 25, 1935. In that game which ended his baseball career completely he hit 3 homerums @ Forbes Field, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Also his last appearance at Yankee Stadium was on June 13, 1948 in which to celebrate the parks 25th anniversary (he wasn't playing baseball). When Ruth died he left his estate to the Babe Ruth Foundation for underprivileged children. He became one of the first five players placed into Baseball Hall of Fame, 1936.

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