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Grand Master of Masons of California: Most Worshipful Stuart A. Wright
Inspector, 907th Masonic District: Craig Reade, PM


Happy New Year to all!

Brethren and friends, its my sincerest wishes that you all had a happy and safe Holidays filled with family and fantastic memories. As 2018 ends and 2019 begins, let us take time and reflect on our year. All the good and the bad. What we did right and what we did wrong. Everything is a learning experience, and though the ashlar will never truly be perfect, we get as close as we can and work as hard as we can.

We at Newport Mesa 604 have quite a bit to be thankful for. In some cases we are actually even spoiled! Take advantage of it. There is however always be work to do in the Temple and its our duty to maintain and improve always. That said I implore anyone would would like to get involved, please contact me. You do not have to be a officer in order to help our or contribute. Thats a myth! There are committees you can join, educations to attend, and work parties to name a few. Your lodge needs you and all of us would love to see you. Haven’t been to lodge is a while? Feel like you don’t remember everyone ? No worries! We want to get to know each and every one of you. Come back in and see what your lodge has become. A vibrant special place in my humble opinion.

Lastly, I would like to thank you all for having trust in me to lead Newport Mesa. It is a responsibility I will not take lightly as my love for this fraternity and for our lodge has and will always grow.

Thank You all.

Diego Verduzco



Greetings Brothers, Family and Friends and Happy New Year. What are your resolutions this year? Or are you so perfect you don’t need to have any (lol). For me, my resolution this year is my health. I keep reading articles about health and fitness and have concluded that out of all of those articles one thing stands out, all of them were ranting and raving about how much better they felt and how much more energy they have. Now I know I’m no Spring chicken, but I do miss going out and playing soccer or tennis with my friends. Sure, I can still play but I would be a coughing, weezing, sweating pile of useless if I did. I’m also doing this for my mental abilities. I do believe that what you put in is what you get out. To give you a comparison, it would be like using gas worse than what’s at 7-11 in your car compared to using Union 76 gas. And believe me, if you saw my diet you would say I’m being complimentary in that comparison. I need to take better care of my engine so it can last longer and perform better.

This is what I have worked out for me. I’ve sat down and given it some thought and realized I need to change. Whether it be for New Years or whatever, I need to change. Change is good too. It helps keep you on your toes and adds some spice to life. Having the same scenes day in and day out might work for some but not for me. Change means I will have to learn something new and will have to come out of my comfort zone. I believe this to be why change doesn’t happen more. What is motivating me past these hang ups is confidence. I know what I am capable of and I also know that I can adapt. Whether it be personal or professional, change is always going to be met with resistance. But change is always needed. Even paradise is a prison if you can never leave.

I thank you for taking the time to read my article and hope that it gives you some hope or inspiration to start making whatever change you feel is needed. If everything falls apart and your world gets turned upside down, worry not because you have an amazing support group within the Lodge to hold you up and give you what you need to get through. I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season and look forward to seeing everyone at Lodge.

Blessing to all.

Justin Lewis

Senior Warden


Good afternoon brethren, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and got to spend some quality time with the ones you love. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Brother Charles Kelly, your Junior Warden for 2019. I feel introducing myself is a good place to start. As I understand it there are well over 200 members of our lodge, and about half of those will open up the trestle board and read through it. Besides the other officers there are probably around 20-25 other brothers that I actually know, which means there a quite a few brothers out there and reading this that I have yet to meet and know. My goal this year, with regards to the monthly articles in the trestle board, is going to be to try to encourage more participation and active membership. I was initiated in July of 2013 and raised to Master Mason on Dec 11 of 2013. Many of you have been Masons much longer than I have and I do not possess any sort of knowledge or "secrets" that you yourselves do not. I can merely speak to my experience in Masonry, my involvement and what it has brought me. They say "Masonry makes good men better". I found that to be appealing, as I imagine many of you did as well. Learning my first, second and third degree obligations did not necessarily make me a better man, however the time I have spent at lodge with my brothers has and continues to shape me into a better man. If you are still paying your dues and reading this article then you obviously still have a connection and interest in our lodge and my hope is that that connection and interest will grow as this year progresses. There are a variety of ways that you can contribute to and participate in this great lodge, both big and small. If there are any Entered Apprentices or Fellow Crafts reading this who may have lost touch with their coach and could use some assistance working on their obligations I would be more than happy to help, also if there are any Master Masons who are reading this and have not returned their third degree I again would be more than happy to offer my assistance towards that end, just email me at charlesthomaskelly@yahoo.com.

When was the last time you were at lodge? When was the last time you sat on the sidelines and watched a degree? Your presence matters, it is missed when you are gone and it is noticed and valued when you are there, so the first small step you can take is to simply show up. It makes a big difference to the candidate if there are brothers in the sidelines vs. a bunch of empty seats.

I'm a little apprehensive about being in charge of the kitchen this year as I have no real experience cooking (I'm great at eating and cleaning up though). However with the help of my lovely wife Lisa I'm sure things will work out fine and you'll all be fed and happy. With the indispensable help of my wife you can look forward to some yummy spaghetti and meat sauce marinara and garlic bread for January's stated dinner.

Hope to see you at stated dinners, degrees and a variety of other events this year.

Sincerely & Fraternally,

Brother Charles Kelly

Junior Warden

January Event Highlights

  • Wednesday the 2nd at 6:00PM: Stated Dinner
  • Wednesday the 2nd at 7:00PM: King Solomon Meeting
  • Wednesday the 2nd at 7:30PM: Stated Meeting
  • Saturday the 12th at 9am: Masonic Education
  • Wednesday the 16th at 7pm: 2nd Degree for Bro. Mike Daher
  • Wednesday the 30th at 7pm: 3rd Degree for Bro. Gary Highland

Please visit our online calendar below for the most complete and up to date information.

Birthdays this Month

  • 1/3 Vrajesh Kantawala
  • 1/3 Alfred Kirsch, PM
  • 1/7 Emilio Pedral
  • 1/10 Brandon Solomon
  • 1/11 Richard Allum
  • 1/16 Dale Woolley
  • 1/19 James Grant
  • 1/23 Evan Inglis
  • 1/28 Arthur Paulson
  • 1/31 Aaron Freeman

3rd Degree Anniversaries

  • 1/10 Rolf Anderson, PM
  • 1/10 Wyatt Brixy
  • 1/15 Stephen Hagerman
  • 1/17 Blair Birtcher
  • 1/17 Vrajesh Kantawala
  • 1/17 Ian Linton
  • 1/18 Rami Khamis
  • 1/29 Norman Smith
  • 1/22 Gary Gray
  • 1/24 Douglas Rodermund
  • 1/25 Robert Ang
  • 1/27 Jeffrey Castellano
  • 1/29 Dale Woolley
  • 1/30 Delmer Dodrill, PM
  • 1/31 Nicholas Grossman
  • 1/31 Frank Siaca

Living Hiram Award Recipients

  • 1989 Rolf Anderson, PM
  • 1989 Jack Paris, PM
  • 1990 Dixon Webb Jr., PM
  • 1995 Jerry French, PM
  • 1999 William Housley, PM
  • 1999 Thomas Orr
  • 2001 Vincent Ko, PM (337)
  • 2002 William Knowles, PM
  • 2007 Albert Jazwiecki
  • 2008 John Armstrong Jr.
  • 2009 Thomas Radtke
  • 2011 Omar Blanchard
  • 2012 Glenn Norman
  • 2013 James Barr Jr., PM
  • 2014 Kurt Handshuh, PM (693)
  • 2014 Luke Keith, PM
  • 2015 Charles Peck Jr., PM
  • 2018 Diego Verduzco

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Treasurer: Hugo Zusho

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Head Candidates Coach: James Barr, PM

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Officers Coach: Luke Keith, PM

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Inspector: Craig Reade, PM

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