Carving Diart K.

My idea for this design was that I wanted to put my favorite basketball team logo.The Chicago Bulls.I wanted to put the logo and the name of the team.I researched the chicago bulls.And I found the design I wanted.But the lines weren't thick enough.So I had to put it in photoshop to make the lines thicker.

Once I was done with my design I put it in easel.And I adjusted the size of my design so it would fit on my carving board.Once I was done adjusting my design I got ready to carve.I started to carve and it said that my carving would take 15 minutes to finish.

I put in my carving board and got it set up.I closed the carving machine and started my carving.

While my design was carving I took a picture of it.It was done with the chicago part but I still needed the Bulls name and the Bulls logo.

Once my carving was done I vacuumed all the little pieces that got carved off.I brushed off the little carving pieces that were still connected to my board.

This is my final carving.It did mess up a little because my carving did move a little while it was in the progress of carving.It moved because the silver piece that holds the carving board in tight fell off so it didn't hold the carving board in good.What I learned from this project was that I have to put in my carving board in tight.To make sure that my carving board wont move.

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Diart K

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