Airport Living the Sky high life

Imagine This

You live in a place where you are a walk away from anything you want, you can sleep wherever you want and you never have a shortage of new people to meet. There is a place like that, the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, France. The best place to be is an airport while you are stranded and your country is in a political power struggle and your unable to go back.

Why Would it Work?

The French government gives a high limit credit card to people who are stranded by political disputes. With unlimited amount of money you can buy anything you need in an airport. Food, clothes, free WiFi, and any other activities you would want to do. It would be lit.


With as much options for food as a city. an airport is almost a mall with the selection of food you could have. There would be no possible way of being bored of what you are eating. You can eat what you want when you want.

Were would you sleep?

The truth is that airport chairs are pretty nice. They are always clean and you don't need bed sheets and they are everywhere. Its not weird to sleep on these chairs because everybody does it. Just think you, "you tired" you can sleep. How Lit is that.

What to Do?

You may think there's not much to do in an airport. Oh well do I have some to tell you. Charles de Gaulle airport has: a cinema, a beauty spa, and airport lounges where you can meet others over any kind of drink you can think of. also airports are the one of the very few places with arcades. What else is more lit than all you can play and eat in a place you don't need to leave.

But Why an Airport?

Sure there are many place where if you were stranded because political unrest. But an airport is related to the sky and the sky is related to freedom. The freedom to do what you want without disrupting others. The sky is such a free idea. There is nothing there but yet we dream to be there. The sky is a pure place where nothing bad can happen. There are no scary animals or rare disease that you can get in the sky. It is truly a place of freedom.


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