Powhatan Indians


Hello students! We have just learned about Powhatan and the people in his tribe. This project is where you will learn more about the lives of the Powhatan Indians! If you could explain what a Powhatan Indian's life was like, what would you say?


For this project, you will be working by yourselves. On your computer, you will research the Powhatan Indians using the links below and then create a brochure explaining what a Powhatan Indian's life would be like. Your brochure should include facts and pictures. You can draw or find pictures online to glue in your brochure. Once you are finished with this brochure, you should be able to explain to someone all about Powhatan Indians. When you are looking through each of the links, you need to be taking notes on important information that you can use. On the brochure, you need to include at least 5 of the topics below:

-How the Powhatan Indians got along with the English Settlers

-The types of food they ate

-What kind of clothing they wore

-Where they lived

-What kind of houses they lived in

-What they did for fun (games)

-What their religion was

-Who the Powhatan Indian's leader was

-Any tools or weapons they used

-What some of the responsibilities the women and children had to do

-What their jobs were

-And any fun facts that you learned that you want to share


Below are the links that you and your group members will have to look through. There are websites and YouTube videos that will give you the information you need to present to the class. Heres a helpful tip: take notes as your are researching the information so that you can remember important facts that you want to put in your brochure! Once you have finished your research, start creating your brochure!













Good job class! You researched all about the Powhatan Indians and now you should be able to tell anybody what it was like to live as a Powhatan Indian. Thank you for all your hard work on your brochures!

Teacher Page

This WebQuest was created for kindergarteners based on Virginia SOL K.1. The student will recognize that history describes events and people of other times and places by

a. identifying examples of past events in legends, stories, and historical accounts of Powhatan, Pocahontas, George Washington, Betsy Ross, and Abraham Lincoln.

This WebQuest can be incorporated into a unit on the American Indians or after learning about Powhatan.

It can be adjusted for any grade level by altering the task and the amount of work the students are responsible for.

If it is possible, the students can continue working on this project at home if they need more time.

Before the students work on the WebQuest, they should have prior knowledge on Powhatan Indians. This can be used to further the students knowledge of Powhatan Indians or to help students review what they have already learned.


This WebQuest will take about three or four class periods to complete. The students will need a large amount of time to research and record their findings.

In order to teach this lesson, the teacher needs to have an understanding on how to research on the Internet.

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