Tapping To Text By Mitch Sieg

Typography is ability to change and modify text to make it more appealing and interesting to the public. Typography can include many different skills that can be used to change the text. These can include changing the size, placement, text and color to name a few. The designers manipulate the text using these techniques to create an intended message. Typography is usually found in magazines, advertisements and posters.


The typeface refers to the style of a letter. it could be blobbed, underlined or in italics. These different techniques can change how powerful your text is. The two main types of text in typography are serifs and sans serifs. These relate to the extended corners at the end of letters. for example T.

Legibility in typography is how quickly text can be read. it is a very important factor when choosing a style of text. Typography has to be legible as your text is trying to deliver a message in the easiest way possible. You also need to choose a color for your text that is easy to read. The brain actually has a easier time at deciphering the tops of letters then the bottom.

Alignment; The four modes for alignment are centered, justified, flush left and flush right. Each one has its own traditional use that makes scene to the viewer. remember to also break text as it is harder and more daunting to see walls and walls of text.

Hierarchy; you can emphasize a word within a body of text by using different texts and techniques. just little adjustments like caps, italics, bold or change of color can make a big difference.

Moving text; the technical name for moving text is kinetic typography. it is a technique that involves movement and animation to express an idea. Kinetic typography can be found in many aspects of entertainment such as movie introductions, tittles, TV adverts and animated web pages.

Anamorphic; Is a type of optical illusion that makes text appear 3D through a wrapped or distorted perspective. It can only really be viewed at a certain angle which makes it very interactive for the viewer.

creativity with words
Typography art
These are just a few of the many different affects in Adobe Aftereffects
The tool bar in Adobe Aftereffects
word designs

Design Brief

You see motion graphics pretty much everywhere you go. There on TV, YouTube, Websites and heaps more places. They help communicate a complex message or something we may not understand without the help of motion and photos . With the techniques they use, typography artists can bring a whole new world to stranded text.

For instance the music industry really likes Katy Perry's interesting use of animated words in her song. The made up scenario is that I am being paid to make a typography video for a well known singer using different methods and skills learnt in class. Doing this task will further your knowledge in Adobe After effects. I will get to use new tools such as the camera layer tool and effects tool to get the results I need for my music clip.


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