Good Life Performance THe divine: a play for sarah bernhardt

My friend Madi and I upon entering the theatre lobby.

Spatial Experience: When I entered the building I felt like I was in the lobby of a real authentic theatre, not to say the Constans theatre isn't authentic, but I did feel as though I was no longer in the student union because the authentic feel of the theatre consumed me as I entered. Our seat location was prime, it was smack in the center of the auditorium and not too far back to the point where we couldn't see. The show was definitely enhanced due to the location of our seats because we weren't on the sides where we would be able to see what was happening behind the wings of the stage. When the lights dimmed and the stage lit up, I was so amazed by how intricate the set design was, I was very excited to start the performance. The size of the auditorium was perfect for an intimate show, it was big enough to feel authentic and small enough to feel like it was a special performance. Depending on where someone is in their life, if they are content with where they are, their good life could be reached currently and if they are not content, they might change setting in order to achieve their idea of the good life. Not only is physical location important to achieve a good life, but also the place someone is emotionally & mentally.

My friend Madi posing next to one of the art pieces in the lobby of the theatre.

Social Experience: I attended the performance with one of my close friends Madi. We had a lot of fun seeing as we both had the same assignment to complete so we were able to discuss our thoughts on the play throughout and after seeing it together. Luckily, since we went together we were able to experience it in the same exact way. We prepared for the performance by hanging out beforehand and sharing our thoughts on what we anticipated the show would be like and it ended up blowing both of our minds. We were amazed by the costumes, set design and acting! We thought it was crazy how talented our fellow gators can be. Shared experiences in the good life are so important because you are able to share your ideas and thoughts with the other around you and are able to borrow ideas from the people you share these experiences with. It is also important to know what your friends envision as their good life in order to know if you have anything in common with them and if you guys are trying to reach any similar goals.

Program for the play.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The central issues in the performance were the fact that Sarah Bernhardt couldn't perform in the town due to corrupt topics even though the church was corrupt itself and the working conditions for factory workers in the early 20th century. I only knew the basics about the early 20th century, like the fact that child labor laws were nonexistent, working conditions were horrible, several workers died every year working in factories and the separation of church and state was virtually impossible. The performance made these issues much more real for me, because you'll never truly understand something until you experience it and the play helped display some of the experiences people who lived in that time period struggled with.

Emotional Experience: It was nice to be an environment where several people in the same position as me are experiencing the arts in its most authentic form. The play was a blast from the past that people really need to see to understand what the world did wrong way before we were born. The show provides an opportunity for katharsis in that we are able to envision what life was like in the 20th century and how badly people of lower classes were treated. It is a way for us to understand how they felt so that we never go back to a time of such horrible treatment of fellow human beings. The audiences who watch this show are able to empathize with the people who lived far before them.

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