Cuba By Lucy Greenup

You could say that Cuba is 'behind the times'

Cuba is known to have old cars; here's why

The stuck-in-time feeling Cuba has is the result of a four-decade-long grudge the country’s leader, Fidel Castro (who resently died), held against the United States.

Fidel Castro had placed a ban on foreign vehicle imports, making it almost impossible to buy a brand-new forigen cars. Also it is hard to get parts for the cars they have there now.

In Cuba they have food ration cards. They get small amounts of rice, potatoes, bread, eggs, and very small amounts of meat.
They have two currencies. The Cuban pesos (right) and the Cuban convertible pesos (left), only the residents can use the non-convertible ones. All tourist must use the convertible pesos.


uniforms are universally required with different colors by grade


Cuba is the most populated country in the Caribbean with over 11 million residents.

Leader (past)

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was a Cuban revolutionary and politician who governed the Republic of Cuba . Cuba is a communist country.

Wonders of Cuba


Castillo de la Real Fuerza is one of greatest man-made wonders of Cuba.


El Nicho Waterfalls are quite the site. A main attraction is swimming at the bottom of the falls.


The Cuban solenodon, is a species of Cuba. An its saliva is venomous.


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