Tour of the Harn By Tyler Stevens

Black Vase

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist: One piece of art that I really appreciated seeing in person was the black vase pictured above and that's because I make vases and ceramics myself and I love viewing other people's creations especially when it's so skillfully done like the vase above. The vase appeared to be made from porcelain which I have used before and I know just how difficult throwing porcelain on a wheel is because it isn't as durable as other earthenwares. The chattered design and the black glossy finish is just beautiful and I have made narrow necked vases like this before but never as professional and as good looking as this one and seeing this in person really motivates me to want to keep practicing and honing my craftsmanship.

Design of the Museum: The museum was very openly spaced which was very enjoyable because you don't have crowds of people cramped into a space looking at one piece of art at a time. There is plenty of space for everyone to just walk around at their leisure and fully admire each piece without feeling rushed. The museum was also very quiet which was nice because it provides a tranquil environment in which you can think about the mediums that the different artists used and just how difficult and astounding these pieces were to make. I personally really enjoyed the Asian exhibit because of all the ceramic work and the huge windows in the back that provides a lot of natural lighting which in my personal opinion is way more pleasing than artificial lighting. I love ceramic art pieces because I make them myself and the Asian exhibit was full of them and it was amazing getting to look at all of them and admire each and every piece.

Red earthenware vase
Asian ceramics

Art and Core Values: As already mentioned I have a huge passion for ceramics because when I throw clay on a wheel it is a way for me to express how I'm feeling that day. Often the emotions that I'm feeling will come out in the vase or bowl or whatever I'm making, whether it be the shape, the design, or the color. So seeing other people's pieces, I can kind of tell what they were thinking about or feeling when they made it and it's really a cool experience and provides way more meaning than just a surface evaluation of a piece of artwork. For example the favrile glass piece below has those zig zag wavy patterns on the outside and what that tells me is that the artist was trying to express some sort of chaos or uncertainty through the piece. Something in the artists life was causing them to just want to go wild and do sharp jagged brush strokes and I know this because I do the same thing and I know from the experience.

Favrile Glass vases
Scary mask
Pastel painting

Art and the Good Life: I believe the piece above made with oil pastels depicts "Sharing the Good Life" which I believe is one of the most important aspects of living a "Good Life". In the painting you can see a theater with people walking outside and taxis and cars racing through the streets. There's a couple people outside that are walking alone but then there are a few that are walking in pairs. Having someone to share an experience with, like go to see a show in that theater, is more valuable than seeing it and experiencing it by yourself. I have lived most of my life thinking that I'm better off on my own and that I like doing things better by myself but that has changed a lot since the beginning of college. I love hanging out with friends a lot more and going out to events with people rather than just staying in my room all day. There is just a feeling that you get when you can share something with other people, a feeling of belonging and engagement that you can't achieve by yourself.

Cool Hen Statue
Created By
Tyler Stevens

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