Triangles With gustavo

Equilateral Triangle
Isosceles triangle
Right Triangle
Angle measures: The measurements of angle; a angle can go up to 360 degrees.
Congruent: When all the sides and angles are the same size or measurement
Orthocenter: when all of the altitudes of a triangle meet; altitudes are lines passing through the vertex and altitudes can be located on all 3 points of a triangle.
Circumcenter: The point where the perpendicular bisectors of a triangle intersect.
Centroid: is the center of the triangle.
Incenter: The center of the incircle of a triangle or other figure.

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Created with images by etherealist - "Charlotte, NC - Wall" • frankieleon - "pick and grin" • fdecomite - "Take an equilateral triangle and cut it into three similar parts, just two of which are congruent"

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