3D Print By emy eloff

First I started out by drawing my idea. I made an interesting shape out of lines.
We used the app Print Shop to grt my design ready. The edges of the paper accidentally got in the design too!
We got our final changes ready and found out we have to print the extra parts! I will peel them of after it's printed.
Now it's time to get the maker bot prepared for the print. I chose the color purple because it's my favorite color!
We then sent everything over to the computer.
We chose the size next. We made it the perfect size! We were also able to check the design to make sure everything was stable.
I started the actual printing next. It takes a while because there are many layers.
There was not a lot of tape left on the bot so the design was hard to peel off but with some help I was able get it off. Now it's finished!

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