THe art of living By: Grant Brewer

My purpose in life is to find true happiness. Many people think this is there purpose of life but, that is because there are so many different definitions of happiness. My purpose in life is closely related to one my passions, basketball. On a basketball court there are many different lines and part that come together to form a court. Just as in life there are many different things that go into someone's purpose or purposes in life. Lastly, what makes me happy now as a teenager is happiness. This could very well change in the future.

The first part of the court is the center circle. There is where the game begins. There is a tip off between two teams and its only a small win in the scheme of the whole game. This relates to my purpose in life of finding happiness. At any point in your life you may find a small time of happiness just for it to be gone the next day.

Next is the free throw line. For most people free throws are easy and go in about 80% of the time. But, some people always struggle from the line or just an occasional game. This compares to my purpose in life because for me I find happiness almost everyday in little things like clothes or playing basketball.Of courseI have bad days just like people from the free throw line. For others though they may not be happy everyday and each is a challenge they face everyday.

The backboard is used to help you make easy shots and sometimes there when you don't expect it. This is like family supporting me to find happiness and helping me to achieve that by paving my way for strong morals and a good education. Everyone needs support in their life to achieive there goals the best way possible


The basket relates to your overall purpose in life. The goal of basketball is to score more points than the other team and you do that by putting the ball in the basket. There are multiple way to do this and different difficulties. You can choose to shoot a 3 instead of a 2 which, may be harder but, is worth more points. This compares to life because there are different ways to get to your goal in life because the road less traveled may be harder but, its more rewarding. The goal or purpose of life is to find happiness. Each person has their own way of achieving this.

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