This is my story wandering through emotional channels of one certain period of my ordinary life, obviously the most remarkable one.

The story might be as well yours, his or everyone elses.

Feeling insecure, quite young, I have decided to step into a new phase of life, awaiting surprises, new wave of emotions and adventures, as I dreamt of it being based on true love that struggles and wins over all the fears. But quite soon I heavily clashed frustrations and pain.

My dreams were broken, and i stayed alone, lost in confusion. Mixed feelings, fears and chaotic state started to occupy my being, restricting the healthy way of consciousness and leading with a foggy pass into a hopeless cold corner, where all is dark, fuzzy and unclear.

Forced to face new experiences, handle the duties and simply raising up, did not help... I was still living in past. This nonsence took away all powers, undressed me and left me naked face to face with tough fate. Climbing out of the dark and abusive hole and regaining confidence and love to myself took a long time.

But then it got easier, as I noticed a sparkle awaiting me somewhere in the darkness, ready to lead me to the journy of new happiness and joy.

Nothing is ever lost, past makes us what we are today with all our strength and weaknesses. I gave a huge slap to myself to wake up and chase that sparkle.

And I won, and i proved that whatever tough times we may go through, life is still worth living. Its simply a challenge to take. Once we succeed, we handle the life.

Today I live the moment and i know if I smile to life it will, definitely, smile back.

And I chose to feel insecure...
...The heart was made to be broken...
...Not all mothers are wives...
...Silence is loud, it has a sound of an escape...
...Stripped from a despair...
...Lust for duties...
...Comprommizing values...
... Whatever the mask is labeled...
... I am not much but I am all i have
... And i choose to have hope and follow my dreams!
Created By
Romana Zajec


Nino Bektashashvili

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