Top 10 Takeaways by: bjorn vogen

#10 Credit Score

Credit Score has been a really important topic for me, because it is a big part of my financial future. The ideas we learned about how to increase our credit score has been interesting because I have realized that I need to start building my credit score now. This topic was also interesting to learn about because building my credit score is actually simple. I thought it would be harder, but this class has taught me to just start earlier and pay bills on time and I will be good.

#9 W4 Forms

W4 forms are an important part of working life, and I have learned to think about how much to withhold. This is important for my future because I will have to pay taxes and judging allowances is a fine line. I will take away the skill of thinking about how many allowances to take and review them every year at tax time to take more or less based on how much money I have to pay or receive.

#8 Writing Checks

Writing checks is an important life skill which I will use often once I have a checking account. Not only will writing checks be an important skill to know, but I need to know how to endorse checks. These skills will help me in the future and I am glad I now know how to write and endorse checks.

#7 Secured vs Unsecured Credit Cards

I never has looked into credit cards and seen that there were different types such as secured and unsecured. In the near future I probably will get a secured credit card and will use it to start the trust will the bank. Then I will get an unsecured credit card which will be used for many years.

#6 The 5 C's

The 5 c's make me think more about how to improve my credit score. At the same time it helps to think about when the best time to try to get a loan since part of it is based on the conditions of the market. The things I have learned will help when applying for a loan in the future.

#5 Closed and Open Credit

I never realized that there were different names for loans on a house and car vs. a credit card. I knew that all of them are loans, but I didn't realize that one was called closed and the other open. I think that it is important for my future to have a knowledge of the difference between the lines of credit in order to understand if they are renewable or not.

#4 Financial Adviser

Even though the concept of a financial adviser seems simple enough, I have learned that it is important to ask a few questions first. I now know that I will first ask if the person is a fiduciary. I will be on the lookout for the people trying to get me to buy a product so they get money. I have learned this simple but useful topic which I will make sure to use in the future.

#3 Budgeting

Before learning about how to use a budget, I thought it would be a waste of time and useless, but after learning about budgets I know that they are important. The budgets are not very difficult to make and manage, and I will use them in the future once I have to pay more bills. They are quite helpful to a person so that they can know how to use their money wisely.

#2 Retirement

Retirement is a very important part of every person's future. This topic has been really influential because I have learned that I need to start saving now in order to have the most money for retirement. There are many ways to save for retirement, but the whichever is picked, I now know that I need to invest now.

#1 Stocks and Bonds

I want to invest my money, and this class has shown me the best way to do so. I also never really realized that I should start investing now. I never knew that it is important to have a certain percentage of stocks to bonds based on age, but now I will keep this in mind when having stocks and bonds.


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