Civil War Presentations Bailey Tipton

Aaliyah- Emiline Pigott

  • Abstract idea-determination
  • Encouraging posters around skyview
  • Spoke clearly

Damon Gallop- Floriculture

  • Club for bringing life to the word to help people do their best
  • Not something you have to be good at, it's something you like
  • Help you feel good about yourself
  • Expectations: support, help, have fun, try their best, get along
  • Speak up

Jocelin Mendez-Clara barton

  • Abstract idea-caring
  • Letters to teachers from last 3 years
  • Thankful for their teaching and kindness
  • Teachers never get enough appreciation
  • Spoke clearly

Hailey Arther- Clara Barton

  • Youngest of 5 children
  • Father was captain
  • Thought to car for others by mom
  • Thought 6 little boys and that turned into a lot
  • Town built her new school building
  • Required-bravery, kindness
  • Spoke loud and clear

Zachary Stallings-Stonewall Jackson

  • Lived in Ginea for most of child hood
  • Earned name stonewall
  • Most siblings and parents died
  • Moved to uncles
  • Loved being in battle
  • Promoted to general for confederate army
  • Shot in arm by own soldier

Garrett Mallet- Ulysses S. Grant

  • 4star general from union army
  • Entire Mississippi river
  • Graduated at West Point

Janae Kite-Clara Barton

  • Abstract idea- ability
  • Posters to make people feel better about themselves
  • Hung around the school

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