Space Weather The hidden Natural Disaster

What is Space Weather? Space Weather elements of the sun's atmosphere spread out into different directions.

What causes it? The changing conditions of the sun.

How to prepare for this? Make family communication plans

Build a emergency kit

Shut the television off

Don’t turn on the lights unless it’s urgent

When space weather happens there is no physical impacts on the earth, although some places may lose electricity and planes may drift also satellite connections and electric grids may be disrupted. May be measured by how much elements burst out of the sun and how much it interferes with earth. It can be classified or measured based on how long it takes to repair all the damage it creates.


Created with images by cocoparisienne - "tombstone cemetery trees" • kalmankovats - "sunlight sunbeam vibrant" • NASA Goddard Photo and Video - "DSCOVR Liftoff"

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