My Focused Future By Kevin Bolanos

I would like to learn Japanese and visit Japan
Isn't Japan stunningly beautiful?
And I love Anime

Truly amazing

I'd like to become a technology expert

To know so much

To do so much

To see so much

What can you do with Technology?
Study and teach Philosophy
Question everything - Why? - Exactly
Become a great person
Make Anime & Manga
Visit Mexico

It's culture

It's beauty

It's where I came from

Get a pet
Any pet would do
See my favorite books into movies and vice versa
Hopefully they do it right


Created with images by RussBowling - "Puebla, Mexico" • darrellperry - "sombrero hat mariachi" • Artaprop - "cactus garden thorns" • RussBowling - "Puebla, Mexico" • shotbynicci - "pet-portraits" • grantdaws - "Pets" • JamesDeMers - "parakeet yellow parakeet green parakeet" • priyam.n - "Deep in Thought" • amayaeguizabal - "hedgehog animal baby"

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