Middle East News Behunin

Water pollution is spreading due to oil, and sewage spills in Libya in the year 2014.

Images of what the Water crisis may look like

In July 2016 giant population movement is spreading through Europe form Turkey.

Turkey and the transportation they may had took

Problems at the borders in Israel, these problems started in the mid 20th century and is still occurring now.

The palestinians who want to take their land back have been protesting every friday for the past 8 years

The Israeli military has had to show up at these protests due to violence

This is an outpost keeping the palestinians out of the jewish areas

The saudis Allege attack Yemen in hopes to take it over last April

Forces have fought these freedom fighters back

Invest in Oman Kicks-off in India. March 6th 2017 is when this event took place

Two iconic areas in both India and Oman

Suicide Attacks kills 4 in Saudi Arabia July 2016

This tragic moment happened here in Saudi Arabia

Emergency services cleared the debris and found four dead victims

These attacks are very damaging and risk the lives of many men and women trying to help the poor victims.

Parlement force fights to keep algeria french archive 1962. This event took place in Algeria on March 7th 2017

In Syria, Isis appears to lose ground in fight for Raqqa Base on March 7th 2017

Iraq rebels fight Isis in the streets of Mosul, Iraq on November 4th 2016

U.S rips irresponsible Iran after missile test in Iran on February 1st 2017


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