International Non Verbal Communication Japan

Japanese flag and map of Japan
Non verbal communication: a non verbal communication in which you send a message whether intentional or not, based upon gestures made by the sender. Some gestures can include touching of eyes, fidgeting with hands, and posture.
Five facts: the main language in Japan is Japanese, and people practice Shintoism. The population is 126,702,133. The Japanese name for Japan is "Nihon" which means sun origin. One of the most popular sports in Japan is baseball!
In Japan, a form of respect is to bow. Women are expected to sit with their knees under them and feet to the side during dinner. In class students are allowed to raise their hand to clarify a question, not to debate something the instructor said. Along with that, people do not display affection in public, like hugging. Another interesting practice is at mealtimes. The Japanese place food in front of a Buddha as an offering. The Buddha signifies the families past ancestors, while the food is an offering to them.
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