Help wanted In india

  • The call center name: call me India

India is second in world population and there population is 1.2 billion people in India. The urban population is 32.7%. People probably live it the city because it is the nicer part of a country and it maybe shows that you are rich. The education you must have is you have to speak other languages. Also schooling is bad in India because most people don't teach there kids anything. The percentage of people with an education is 3.8% and that is 134th in the world. Also India is 1st in the world for kid population. The name of the company is india call me. The traning is to learn other languages and to be able to speak them well. The call center is opened 24 hours a day and the imploes are paid 8 dollars an hour. Which is the lowest you could pay them.

They have an advantage because there population is larger than most and because they do most of the jobs in the world.

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