Stock Market Project by: Nathan dujardin

Initial Research: What is a stock market?The stock market is the market in which shares of publicly held companies are issued and traded either through exchanges or over-the-counter markets. With this in mind we can understand that there will be a lot of complex techniques, including the ticker symbol. A ticker symbol is an arrangement of characters (usually letters) representing a particular security listed on an exchange or otherwise traded publicly. There are also mutual funds with are nothing more than a collection of stocks and/or bonds. Another important mechanic in the stock market is supply and demand.Supply and demand is the amount of a product which is available and the amount which is wanted by customers.

The stock market is a place where we can make a lot of money or loss it all. There are pros and cons, and you always have to know what you are doing if you don't want to lose all your money. The pros are of course that if you are smart and sell your stocks at the right time you can make a lot of money, but you can also lose money but your stocks going down and not making profit. In this market you can do whatever you want sell, trade etc. but if you put your money in the wrong companies you are scured, but if anticipate that they will release something that will make a lot of money then you will make a lot of money.

Stage 3 Reflection : Throughout this project my companies have been doing pretty well, I started with 3 companies, Nvidia, Blizzard, and Tesla but now I only have 2 left. I sold Blizzard because it wasn’t doing that well and it keep on going down and I didn’t want to lose more money. Nvidia is doing very well going up a lot, and Tesla is doing average. Tesla is either up or down 5% at all times, it's never in the middle. I think Nvidia is doing very well because not long ago they started selling the GTX 1080, the new best graphics card on the market, but i’m not sure why tesla is fluctuating so much, I don’t keep up with what’s happening to the company. Right now I don’t think i’m going to change anything with my current portfolio, i’m happy with how it’s doing.

Final Reflection: In general throughout the whole project I have kept the same stock and they have mostly done well. At the start I had 3 companies Blizzard, Tesla, and Nvidia. After a couple weeks I sold blizzard because it keep going down, but kept Tesla and Nvidia through the whole project. I never bought any other stocks, and honestly if I was to redo this project I might have tried some other companies, like Netflix or starbucks, but I am happy with how my stocks did. During this project Nvidia released the GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060 and because of this the stock when up a lot, as those are the/some of the best graphics cards on the market today, and that lead to the company making a lot of money. Tesla on the other side has not done so well, some weeks it was up 5% but other times it went down 10%, it was all around the place, and I didn’t want to sell it because I was confident it would go back up. If I was to do this project again, I would have definitely invested in Nvidia again, but I think I wouldn’t have gone for Tesla. I would have tried some other companies like Netflix, Starbucks, or American Airlines. I would have tried to mix it up a bit and tried other things. In conclusion I had fun with this project and learned a lot of things, as my godfather does this as a job I was interested to try it out. I did learn that it is a win or lose situation, you have to try to predict when companies are going to go up or sell your companies before they go down too much. Soo in general it was a fun and interesting project.

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